Baryn Futa is a member of more than a dozen museum

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Baryn Futa recognizes the importance that art plays in the overall culture and is more than willing to invest his own time, money, and effort into helping to support the arts. He has shown that time and time again through his actions. Baryn Futa has been able to contribute to the arts as a supporter, a funder of exhibitions and museums, and a collector of fine art, especially of the contemporary variety. People need to be supportive of the arts, in the eyes of Baryn Futa, and he is more than willing to lead by example. He has been investing in the arts for years now, especially in the contemporary arts. He has placed a special focus on the public display of video art (time based media).

Since his retirement, Baryn Futa has been supporting the arts seriously. This journey towards understanding the arts better and supporting them began when he started participating in the Denver Art Museum. After that he began going on group art trips, visiting art fairs, and starting an art collection of his own. This was only after he had attended classes, both online and in classrooms, regarding art history. Today Baryn Futa is a member of more than a dozen museums in the United States, including the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.